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The Ukrainian language in Ukraine and the world: the main events of November’23
posted 20 December 2023 16:48

The number of searches in Ukrainian is less than 30%

The linguistic dynamics of the number of commercial queries in Ukrainian and russian in the search engine shows that the number of queries in Ukrainian is gradually increasing, but russian still dominates.

This is evidenced by a study of the dynamics of Ukrainian-language queries in the search engine during the first half of 2021-2023 by the digital marketing agency Promodo, Chytomo reports.

Laws must be obeyed: Danilov put an end to the language scandal

In everyday life, you can speak any language, but according to the legislation in the service sector, the Ukrainian language is mandatory. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleхiy Danilov said that in Ukraine no one forbids speaking russian in everyday life, but according to the legislation in the service sector, Ukrainian is the language mandatory. He said this in an interview with LIGA.net.

Employees of educational institutions must communicate with each other in Ukrainian during working hours, - MES

Heads of educational institutions of all forms of ownership, pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers are obliged to know the state language and use it during the performance of official duties. This norm does not apply to foreigners or stateless persons who work in educational institutions and/or scientific institutions on a temporary basis as scientific, pedagogical, scientific-pedagogical workers or teachers of a foreign language," the MES explained.

The letter "U" on "training" cars will be replaced by "H"

The letter "U" as an identification mark on training vehicles is replaced. Such a resolution was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers on October 27, which will enter into force six months from the date of publication.

In the literary Ukrainian language, there is an adjective "educational", and "uchbovy" is a word that comes from russian, because the word "uchba" does not exist.

In the traffic rules, the expression "training vehicle" will be replaced by "training vehicle", and the letter "U" on the sign will be replaced by "H", respectively.

The first Ukrainian-language radio station will be launched in Estonia

"DRUZI" radio started working in Estonia on November 17: the first Ukrainian-language radio station will broadcast news of the Ukrainian community and music of two countries.

"DRUZI" is a new platform that combines two cultures, allowing listeners to enjoy Estonian and Ukrainian music, as well as providing news and information," the message reads.

What the survey of residents of Odesa showed about russians, language, church, war and other aspects of the life of Ukrainians

In July of this year, the Democratic Initiatives Foundation named after Ilko Kucheriv jointly with the Center for Political Sociology conducted a regional survey of Odesa region residents on issues related to attitudes toward ukrainization, government, war, EU accession, and many other relevant aspects of Ukrainian life.

In 2024, Ukraine will begin to introduce a program for the spread of the Ukrainian language - what does it entail

The government has developed a state target program for the development and spread of the Ukrainian language, which is planned to be introduced next year. Acting Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Rostyslav Karandieiev told the Ukrinform agency that measures related to the popularization and study of the Ukrainian language will be implemented in accordance with this program.

russians in the TOT of eastern Ukraine destroyed almost all Ukrainian literature

The occupiers are confiscating Ukrainian literature in the temporarily occupied territories.

In particular, in the TOT of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, almost no Ukrainian literature is left in local libraries. Representatives of the occupation administrations are responsible for the destruction of literature. In particular, employees of “education departments”. The occupiers report directly to the russian ministry of education on the TOT’s demolition and replacement of Ukrainian literature.

More than 90% of teachers, parents and students consider Ukrainian as their native language

According to the results of a study conducted by the State Service of Education Quality of Ukraine and the State Language Protection Commissioner, more than 90% of teachers, parents and students consider Ukrainian to be their native language.

Language checkup in Mykolaiv: 122 objects were checked, 19 violations were found

Inspections of compliance with the law on the state language are ongoing in Mykolaiv. Specialists of the city council check how the law on the state language is observed in trade establishments and the service sector.

This was announced on the website of the Mykolaiv City Council. It is reported that last week specialists inspected 122 objects, violators were issued 19 warnings.

Stefanishyna: There cannot be any changes in favor of the language of the aggressor state

The Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olga Stefanishyna, states that in no provision of the draft law on the rights of national minorities, taking into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission, there is no expansion of opportunities for the russian language.

News from the Commissioner:

From January 1, 2024, the procedure for conducting examinations for the level of proficiency in the state language will change

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the resolution "On Amendments to the Procedure for Conducting State Language Proficiency Examinations", taking into account the Commissioner's recommendations regarding the return to the previous structure of the examination, in particular regarding writing a text on a specified topic.

The Commissioner welcomes the updated procedure for conducting exams in the state language. "I am confident that these changes will significantly improve the ability to fully determine the level of mastery of the state language by an applicant for a civil service position. I hope for the efficiency and objectivity of conducting exams and improving the organizational part," he said.

During January-October, the Commissioner received 3,240 complaints about violations of the language law

In 10 months of 2023, the State Language Protection Commissioner received 3,240 appeals from citizens about violations of the Law of Ukraine "On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as a State Language".

Taras Kremin: The state language is the key to value-based ukrainization

Thanks to the language stability of every citizen, Ukraine has become stronger and will win!" This was stated by the State Language Protection Commissioner Taras Kremin, at the International Scientific Conference "Language Policy and Interlingual Relations in Conditions of War".

The Secretariat of the Language Ombudsman did not receive a single complaint regarding the violation of the law on the state language in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2023

The Secretariat of the  State Language Protection Commissioner did not receive a single complaint regarding the violation of the law on the state language in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2023.

"For 10 months of 2023, the Secretariat of the State Language Protection Commissioner did not receive a single complaint regarding the violation of the law on the state language in the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the press service of the language ombudsman said in a statement with reference to Taras Kremin.

The National Council took into account the Commissioner's proposals and added certain "pirate" online cinemas to the list of services of the aggressor state

Taras Kremin, the State Language Protection Commissioner, appealed to the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting in July of this year regarding the distribution and showing of films in a non-state language through websites that have signs of Internet piracy.

In particular, the Secretariat of the Commissioner established that on certain web resources (HDrezka, Baskino, "GydOnline", Kino Go, etc.), which have signs of Internet piracy, films voiced and dubbed in a non-state language are shown and distributed, as well as films in which actors who are on the list of persons who pose a threat to national security, films with anti-Ukrainian content. In addition, the Commissioner emphasized that illegal screening of such films causes serious economic damage to Ukrainian TV channels and legal video-on-demand services (Megogo, Sweet TV, etc.).

"There is no such thing as "russian-speaking". We are all citizens of Ukraine" - the language ombudsman

Were the findings of Ukrainian language professor and linguist Iryna Farion discriminatory in an interview with journalist Yanina Sokolova about the russian-speaking Ukrainian military? How often are language laws violated in Ukraine, in particular, in the field of education? Also, which language prevails at the front - Ukrainian or russian? Taras Kremin, the State Language Protection Commissioner, told about all this on the air of Radio Svoboda ("Freedom.Ranok" project).

The language ombudsman has received almost 3,500 complaints since the beginning of the year

In 2023, the Commissioner for the Protection of the State Language, Taras Kremin, received 3,407 complaints about language violations, there were 307 complaints in the field of education.

He announced this during a round table meeting on the topic: "Valued Ukrainization in education: modernity and strategies for the future", organized by Ukrinform.

Transcarpathian Hungarians do not need security and protection from the Hungarian authorities - Kremin

According to him, many Transcarpathian Hungarians have now joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense. It was by these actions that these citizens showed their conscious choice, so they do not need the help of the Hungarian authorities.

Kremin talked about the violation of the language law in universities and sharply reacted to Hungary's claims.

The Commissioner's position regarding draft law No. 10288

Supporting the purpose of the draft law "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding Taking into Account the Expert Assessment of the Council of Europe and Its Bodies on the Rights of National Minorities (Communities) in Certain Areas" (No. 10288 dated November 24, 2023), which is proposed to accelerate the European integration processes of the state, I note the following. Some of its provisions will significantly worsen the functioning of the Ukrainian language in some spheres of public life on the territory of Ukraine. In particular, the norms regarding the mandatory share of books in the state language for publishers and book distributors will be reduced. Also, the presence of the state language on television and radio will be significantly reduced due to changes to the definition of the Ukrainian-language program and the extension of preferences provided for the languages of indigenous peoples to all, without exception, the languages of national minorities. In addition, the proposed postponement of the mentioned provisions for the russian language for 5 years after the abolition of martial law is not an adequate safeguard against russification.

The commissioner submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine his conclusions and proposals regarding the draft Law No. 10288

The  State Language Protection Commissioner officially submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine his conclusions and proposals regarding the draft Law on Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine regarding the consideration of the expert assessment of the Council of Europe and its bodies regarding the rights of national minorities (communities) in certain areas (No. 10288 dated 24.11. 2023).

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